Breaking Ground

Making our first stitches as an underground brand in May 2015, we worked under the radar, experimented with our prints and carefully hand-picked our designs. Back then you couldn’t get the pieces anywhere but through us, word-to-mouth style.

But as the word spread, the rumor grew fast and so did the demand to wear and share.

So What Are We All About?

Well, we make fashion, that’s for sure. But we’re way more than that. ShosPeople is a culture!
We have a vision to create a civilization of street fashion, casual but unique, comfy but sleek and stylish, one of a kind but everyday statement items that will smoothly carry you from a coffee place to a night out on a daily basis.


We believe a shirt doesn’t have to be just another shirt, it can be The Shirt! It can take the lead! It can tell an entire story from beginning to end and bring a twist to the plot, all by its own.

What Makes Us Special?

Our designs and drawings of course! Our designs and drawings are like people, they are distinctive individuals, who all have a story to tell. A lot of thought and intent is put into each and every one of our designs, so no matter how obvious and in your face or small and almost undetected, when you wear it, you just feel it.

Why the Name ShosPeople?

We have a dog. His name is Shos. But like ShosPoeple, a shirt is not just a shirt and a dog is not just a dog. Shos is our most loyal friend; he’s there for us whenever we need him, to confide in him with our deepest secrets or just for a belly rub.

So Who Are ShosPeople?!

They are US. They are YOU. They are all people who are connected to each other through our brand, sharing the story behind every design, drawing and shirt.


Wear it, feel it, be part of ShosPeople.